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The tales from long ago echo in whispers. The echoes lack meaning without us to make sense of them. As we delve into these messages from the cats of the past, we learn of tales from distant places in time.
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 David's Characters

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PostSubject: David's Characters   Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:03 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
((DISCLAIMER: I do not own this picture, nor took any part in it's creation. Full credit goes to Inkshadow on DeviantArt))

Name: Sunspot-Pelt (Sun or Sunny for short)

Gender: Male

Age: 23 moons

Pelt: Please refer to the image.

Eyes: Please refer to the image.

Clan: Ivy Clan

Rank: Though a hunter for the clan, his most practical skill is his knowledge of local entomology and arachnology (the study of insects and arachnids, respectively). In the event of a bug or spider bite, the medicine cat has even been known to consult him.

Personality: Sunny is a very kind cat, but will not hesitate to be aggressive when the time arises. He often likens himself to a Brown Digger (a Brown Recluse, in the language of the Twolegs), keeping his aggression and strength until the most appropriate opportunity presents itself. In retaliation, most joke and say he is more like a stinkbug, sweet until you try to mess with him, then he can clear a room. Sunny just laughs along with them, for lack of a better option. He tends to pride himself on his work with entomology and arachnology, though often lets these hobbies get in the way of tasks. His most notable flaw is taking time out of his missions to stop and stare at a beetle or spider, and for this reason, he is never allowed to hunt alone, for fear he may never come back. He's also slightly ADD, which becomes evident when presented with many different things at once, especially bugs and spiders.

History: Sunny's true parents are very much a mystery, even to him. Some rumor them to be Rogues who bit off more than they could chew. No one knows how many were in Sunny's litter, but it seems to be like Sunny is the only surviving child. However, he often thinks back to his childhood as one of wonder and amazement. He spent his days observing wildlife, as there was little a small kit like him could have done. He would have died of hunger and thirst had he not been abandoned near a Twoleg campsite, but I digress. Sunny watched all the life of the forest, but found most fascination in insects and spiders, specifically what he called Brown Diggers. It was from these amazing creatures that his obsession with them truly began, and it led to him learning much from them.

He would scare the poor Twolegs silly every time he went near there dens, but never returned hurt, only enlightened. In fact, much of Sunny's hunting style is based around the technique of the Brown Diggers, which he calls the Cat Trap. He has set spots throughout the hunting territory where he has little leaf-huts built, in which he will sit and wait for prey to come along. When it does, he expertly pounces at the target, pinning, if not killing it with his claws, almost every time. He does occasionally mess up, and he is at his worst after a rain storm.

How he came to be apart of the Ivy Clan is a different story altogether. He was an adolescent, about a year old, when he left the Twoleg campsite for the wilds, mainly for the purpose of exploring and cataloging the insects and spiders into his brain. He had long-since determined that he was going to learn everything he could from these amazing invertebrates before his time came, but as life usually does, he discovered something much different. While tracking an elusive June-bug, he wound up staring eye-to-eye with the leader of the Ivy Clan. Not realizing this, he simply smiled at her, nodded, and tried to go around her to continue with the bug. Big mistake.

He was jumped by the two other cats who were with her, and was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he found himself face to face with the female cat again, and he immediately jumped up, backing away. He was scared, legitimately. He had danced with a Black-with-Red-Spot (Black Widow in twoleg speak) before, but it was nothing like the fear he felt from Willowstar. And he didn't quite know why.

After an intense session based upon questions, which Sunny answered as truthfully as he could, and a physical inspection, he was deemed a respectable, honest, healthy, albeit lost, cat. Willowstar told him that he was to be a member of Ivy Clan, which meant literally nothing to Sunny at the time. After about two weeks, however, he understood everything quite well. That was when he had the chance to prove himself.

A kit in the clan had gotten bitten by an unknown spider, which even the medicine cat knew little about. Sunny got word of this, however, and immediately went to investigate. Despite the kit's alleged symptoms, and based on the specimen provided, Sunny was able to determine that it was nothing more than a Leaf-sack spider (Garden Center Spider), and that it's bite was no more venomous than his. The kit, who was most likely acting the way he was due to fear and lack of understanding, almost immediately perked up after hearing the news. From that moment on, Sunny has been highly sought-after when a bug or spider-based problem arises.

-- Sunny does not believe in the existence of StarClan
-- His favorite creature is a Brown Digger (Brown Recluse)
-- Sunny has never feared nor hated water, and will swim just as easily as walk
-- Sunny has a fear of larger birds, most likely learned from observing his spiders.
-- He can often be seen talking to spiders and other bugs during his free time, though no one quite gets why. It's not like they can talk back, right?

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PostSubject: Re: David's Characters   Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:25 pm

AHHH! AMAZING CHARACTER SHEET! APPROVED *flails* I have a feeling this will be quite awesome :3 You should post in IvyClan now

[Only admins are allowed to see this image][Only admins are allowed to see this image]
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PostSubject: Re: David's Characters   Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:37 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
((As per usual, I do not own this drawing. This was shamelessly taken from the internet for my own inspirational purpose.))

Name: Cherryscar

Gender: Female

Age: 24 moons

Pelt: Please refer to the image.

Eye-color: Please refer to the image.

Clan: Rouge. She can't stand the whole "clan" thing.

Rank: Cherryscar is one of the deadliest fighters out there. He strength and speed are her best attributes, but she will just as easily play dirty.

Personality: Cherryscar may have a sweet-sounding name, but by Starclan, she is one of the most twisted cats you will ever meet. She has no sense of honor, save for a few VERY small selection of creatures, and will take whatever she wants and/or needs whenever she wants and/or needs it, if she can. She is a ruthless fighter, having no sense of respect for the life or death of most creatures. She commands the fear and respect of any cat she meets, and if she doesn't get it, they are virtually as good as dead.

History:(The following is told from her perspective)
... Blackcherry, that was my name. It was a beautiful name, and I was a beautiful cat, emphasis on was. You see, as a kit, I was born mid-voyage on an amazing sea-fairing vessel, the captain called it a boat. Sorry, force of a habit... the Captain, Seatail, was my father. Of course, the Humans had a captain of the vessel as well, but he was the captain of the Humans, not us. You see, this was our last voyage, as he wanted to come ashore with his mate, my mom, to raise a family. Naturally, as you could guess, this didn't go quite as planned, as things never seem to do.

However, let's not skip to far ahead. I was raised for the first 6 or 7 moons on this ship, and learned all the lingo. Everything from the bow to the stern, to first mate to the crow's nest. It was awesome, living on the sea. Not to mention, the Humans fed us the fish they had left over, as we kept the rats off the ship. Rats are filthy, disgusting creatures that bring diseases... not exactly shocking, but it was a nice trade-off. Not to mention that I was trained by my dad's "crew" to do everything from fight to navigation by starlight to fish. It was wonderful.

That is partly why I was so sad to leave. For the last moon of our voyage, I begged my mom and dad to stay, let me help and carry on our tradition and lineage. My mother flat out said no, that the ship was no place for a daughter. My dad simply shrugged, saying he had to agree with mom. It was that sort of relationship between them, which often led to some pretty interesting situations. So, when we finally hit port in this peninsula, everyone said their solemn goodbyes. The Humans even gave us some fish when we finally left the boat, enough for us to have as back-up in case something happened. And something did happen.

My family and I set up our little camp just outside of port, where we could fish, and even visit with some of the other Sea Cats that came into port after long voyages. I heard fantastical stories from every single one of them, some of them obviously fake or exaggerated, but others so real, I could virtually feel the ocean spray on my face. It was incredible, and life was going really good... until the three of us were confronted by some strange-looking cats. They claimed to be from something called Darkclan, I don't remember much, just that when we refused to join them, they threatened to come back.

They came back on the day of my 11th moon. This time, they did not come to offer us anything, but to slaughter us. Had our old crew not have been with us at that time, being in port for a while and stopping to visit, it would have been a slaughter. Luckily, thanks to old One-eye, I was able to escape... my parents... weren't... excuse me for a moment.

Ahem, where was I? Oh, yes. I ran... ran as far away as I could. Food, shelter, none of that was on my mind, it was just to escape. I wasn't being cowardice, I was doing exactly what my father had told me I was to do. And I did it, and I did it well. In fact, I thought I was home free... until one of those creeps followed me. His fur was white, like snow, with stains of blood all over. He came at me, much bigger and stronger than me. He taunted me for a while, threatening to... I don't even want to talk about it. Basically, I thought I was a complete goner, until HE showed up.

Flashfire... I can't remember what he was called back then... but he was there. He was the one who saved me from that cat... I owe him my life. He introduced me to this whole clan thing, and actually offered me to join IvyClan. I had no interest in doing so, and he said it was alright. For the longest time, he and I were best of friends. We... I... I fell in love with that cat. It was to the point where I was willing to even join IvyClan just to be with him. But as with every best laid plan, nature had to rip a hole in my sail.

I've blocked out most of what happened next from my mind. All I know is that I was kidnapped by foxes, tortured for information, and when they were absolutely convinced I knew nothing about the clans except that they were clans, they let me go. That's how I got all these scars... I think. It was them who broke me, snapped my sensibility in two. I've never been the same after that.

The rest is absolute history. I killed, I pillaged, I did everything I could to completely destroy the foxes. It didn't exactly work, in fact, it did barely anything in the long run, but it made me felt good. However, I did not forget of Flashfire... nor of IvyClan, how they would have welcomed me. Since the foxes were far to crafty and numerous, I turned my attention to something else: DarkClan. They fear the border by the coast beyond reason, now, and with a good reason for it. I don't mess around anymore.

Blackcherry is gone... I am Cherryscar. And I'm revealing myself for one purpose: to reunite with Flashfire. I can hold it back no longer, for I will go crazy if I don't find him. Maybe then... just maybe... I'll be my old self.

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PostSubject: Re: David's Characters   Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:54 pm

Approved ;3

TODW[Only admins are allowed to see this image][Only admins are allowed to see this image]
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David's Characters
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