Warrior's Whispers

The tales from long ago echo in whispers. The echoes lack meaning without us to make sense of them. As we delve into these messages from the cats of the past, we learn of tales from distant places in time.
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1. Be realistic (Ex: Cats do not have wings, super powers, color changing eyes or fur, necklaces/jewelry, inappropriate fur colors such as purple or neon-anything, etc.)
•If you are unsure of what is realistic and not, contact one of the admins.

2. No God-Modding (Ex: Putting in your post that someone else's character does something. Unless you have permission from the owner of that character, do not post this.)
•Ex: Willowstar posts: Echostar swiped his claws at Willowstar's face but misses, and Willowstar jumps on top of him, pinning him down even though he struggles.
Echostar posts: >:U "Girl I did not agree to that!"

3. One account per person (unlimited characters per account)

4. Keep your characters active. (If you create too many characters to roleplay, we ask you to either put them up for adoption, or roleplay their deaths/leaving the Clans)

5. No profanity. This includes; cursing, bullying, posting inappropriate pictures or posts.

6. No posting on roleplaying sections of the site until you have created a character.

7. No roleplaying with new characters until that character has been approved by a staff member (Administrator or Moderator)

8. Only cats are allowed. Unless a special event is occurring on the site (Ex: The Clans are being attacked by foxes or badgers.)

9. By cats, we mean small ones. Feral domesticated cats, not lions and tigers and bears.

10. Please refrain from being overly dramatic. (Ex: Do not kill off every one of your characters, and do not post that your character is being chased by panthers everyday.)

11. Your username should have something to do with the name(s) of your character(s)

12. No conversations are allowed on character sheet topics. (This makes it easier for other members to find these profiles, and see what the character they're role playing with, looks like.
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